COVID 19 Information

To all in our Church Family,

You will be aware of the most recent Government advice over Covid 19.  The leadership were able to meet on Monday night and, in line with that advice, all meetings of the church will be cancelled until the conditions are eased by government.  This looks to be a 12-week period but we will be guided by them as the situation develops.

Clearly these are demanding and challenging times, but as a leadership we are intent in putting mechanisms in place to enable us to help each other practically and spiritually.  

-We are planning to send out an information email at least once a week but we would prefer it to be twice if we are able. PLEASE NOTE THESE EMAILS ARE INFORMATION ONLY, IF YOU ARE REPLYING FOR ANY REASON, ENSURE THAT IS ONLY TO ME AND NOT ‘REPLY ALL’.

Please also note all your data will conform to GDPR and so will only be used for church purposes and not given to a third party.

-We will be recording a sermon that will be uploaded to the website so that those who have internet can view that. (church website is

(For those that don’t have internet we will record the sermon and make it available by CD.)We would be suggesting that this is then viewed on the Sunday that it is published for. You will need to be intentional about gathering in your family, as a couple or singly but we hope that this will give us a central focus. We will give a series of questions that you can then do together either after the sermon, or at some point of your choosing in the week.

-We will be creating lines of communication that will mean everybody in the church will be contacted on a regular basis.

All in all these are days that are nothing like any of us have experienced. God is saying something to us as a nation and as a church and so let us be sensitive to His word and seek Him in these days.

As I said to the leaders on Monday night: This is a time when we can show our young people how the church responds and what faith looks like in the midst of such times. We have an opportunity to use our time in different and profitable ways. We have an opportunity to express confession and repentance and trust God will have mercy upon us.

Prayer Points

-For the leadership that we may act wisely and be aware of our responsibility in caring for the flock.

-For the church that in all this we will grow, we will be stronger and that an appetite for being together as church will be enhanced by our enforced separation

-For the vulnerable in our church family and in particular those who live alone

-For our Government that they may have wisdom in dealing with this issue

-For our health professionals in all the demands that will be faced in the days ahead